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Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostics Adapter

Before Buying Motorscan Adapter

Will the Motorscan adapter work on my bike?

Will the MotoLink app work with my phone?

Is there a subscription or any other fees?

Are app software updates included?

What languages is the app available in?

Can I choose measurement units?

Do I need an Internet connection on my phone to use Motorscan?

Can I use the Motorscan adapter on more than one vehicle?

Can two people see information from one Motorscan adapter?

Can I use the MotoLink app while riding?

Will the Motorscan adapter drain my battery if I leave it plugged in?

What is the difference between the 4-pin and 6-pin Motorscan adapters for Harley-Davidson®?

Can a Motorscan 4-pin adapter user also use Motorscan 6-pin adapter on the same account?

Getting Started and Using Motorscan Adapter

My adapter cannot connect to smartphone. What should I do?

How do I connect the MotoLink app with my Motorscan adapter?

Where is my OBD data link connector (DLC) located?

How do I update the MotoLink app to the newest version?

Can I see the same fault codes / diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that a professional technician at a bike shop can access?

Can I erase DTCs / fault codes?

Is DTC the same as fault code?

Can I view live engine data?

How do I save/share my diagnostic reports?

How does the Dashboard feature work?

How do I get to the MotoLink app’s Main Menu?

How do I access MotoLink app settings?

Does the app connect automatically whenever I'm riding my bike?

Will the Motorscan adapter work if I have after-market devices installed on my bike?

What is the wireless range of the Motorscan adapter?

How do I add a vehicle?

How do I rename a vehicle?

How do I delete a vehicle?

Why is my device flashing light?

What do I do if I forgot my password?

How do I get more help?