5 Tips to Selling Your Harley-Davidson

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Sometimes life throws you a curveball or you simply want to upgrade your bike. If it is your first time putting up your Harley-Davidson for sale, you may want to take a few steps to make it easier to sell your bike. Avoid a hassle from people not ready to buy. After all, it’s not like you want to get the run around from people who have no intention of buying your bike.

What should you know when it comes to getting ready to sell your bike?

Use the following tips to get real buyers for your Harley today.

Provide All Necessary Details

Harley owners should include a few high-quality pictures of the front and sides of the bike. It is important to take well-lit pictures of a bike from different angles to give an accurate idea of the Harley-Davidson for sale. In addition, give a detailed description of the bike and any repairs that may be necessary.

Know the Value of Your Bike

Sellers can take a look at the NADA and KBB to determine a fair asking price. If you have aftermarket add-ons or accessories, feel free to take them off and sell them separately. The Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson bikes does not marry to a bike’s VIN. Choose to keep it for your next bike or resell it to an interested buyer.

Meet in a Public Place

Sellers will generally meet in a parking lot when making a sale. Some choose to have interested parties take a look at the bike at their home and have another person around when an interested buyer comes around.

Get Cash in Hand Before a Test Ride

The consensus among Harley owners is that serious buyers are willing to put down cash before going for a test ride. This helps screen prospective buyers and reduce the potential of wasted time or damage to a bike during the selling process.

Many choose to sell their bike without a test ride as the titleholder is liable for any issues that could occur while a rider is testing a bike. Those who do not offer a test ride may turn a bike on, show that all is in working order and ride it around a parking lot. Buyers may not even expect to take it for a spin.

Ask for Their Driver’s License

A buyer will not mind you checking on and holding on to their driver’s license as they take your bike for a spin. Such buyers are showing the seriousness of their intention. Some bike owners recommend sellers hold on to the keys of a prospective buyer if they allow a person to take their bike for a test ride.

Want a Few More Tips on Selling Your Harley-Davidson?

Harley-Davidson owners looking to sell their bike can read up on the process on industry magazines or on online forums to get additional insights on the best ways to put up their Harley-Davidson for sale. Don’t forget to let friends know you are thinking of selling your bike. After all, you never know if they or someone they know may be looking to buy a Harley. Help fellow readers out. Share your best tips in the comments below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews today.



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