A Better Scan Tool to Monitor Harley-Davidson Bike Health

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Why worry until getting home about a check engine light? Kirsten Armleder of RidersWest wrote about the diagnostic powers of the new Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool for Harley riders. Diagnostica and Smart Vehicle Diagnostics created a remarkable patent-pending device to diagnose and read error codes through your smartphone. Learn more about how it works.

Motorscan S

Tiny Yet Powerful

Diagnostica offers a wireless plug-in-play adapter to fits snugly into a diagnostic port. Riders with standard Harley-Davidson bikes manufactured from 2001 to 2015 can leave the device on indefinitely for smartphone diagnosis and easy system reading. Have a check engine light come on and far from a trusted mechanic? Get the details needed to handle issues yourself or help a fellow biker in need.

To get started Armleder shared:

“Next, you install an app that communicates via Bluetooth with the adapter. Using the app, you can read codes with detailed descriptions on your smartphone. You can also clear the engine light and monitor things such as engine temperature and battery.”

Alex Leonov, managing partner at Smart Vehicle Diagnostics, believes that this tiny wireless device can save riders time and money on unnecessary shop visits and lets people know when the issue should be handled with a visit to the mechanic. He is not surprised that the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool was recently recognized as one of AMD’s Hot 100 Parts and Accessories.

Honor the Biker’s Code

Be the guy or girl on the road with the tools and insight to help fellow Harley owners. With riders touring and passing through multiple states, you can honor the biker’s code and help friends when their bike starts indicating an issue. This tool is not married to a single bike and can be used on other standard and compatible models. Help yourself and fellow riders with this unique personal diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson bikes.

Are you a rider in NY and want to see how the device works? Email a knowledgeable Diagnostica representative at info@diagnostica.tools or via the contact form to schedule an in-person demonstration at their office and receive your free diagnostic report.  


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