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You love all things Harley-Davidson® and have even tried out one of our Harley-Davidson personal diagnostic tools for newer model Harleys. You love the convenience of reading codes and checking system health via your smartphone. Why not tell friends about our helpful tool?

We appreciate our customers and want them to know that they can earn a little green and help their fellow Harley enthusiasts. If you ride a Harley, blog about Harleys or sell Harley-Davidson products, you can share the news about the innovative Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool and start earning. Learn more today!

Diagnostica’s Referral Program

You may have found out about our Motorscan® smartphone diagnostic tool from publications on popular motorcycle industry sites such as, Clutch and Chrome Motorcycle Magazine, and TopSpeed. You may have also read some of the positive reviews, such as the one found in your regular AMA magazine. We hope that you have found this diagnostic tool to be helpful in diagnosing your bike and saving yourself some money on repairs. We encourage you to share your experience with others.

How can customers, bloggers and independent dealers get involved in our referral program? This can be done in a few ways. Harley owners can join our referral program and when someone they have spoken to purchases our product, they receive a cool 20 percent of the sale price. Some conditions may apply.

The affiliate program is also open to bloggers, dealers, independent shop owners and retailers. Such individuals may want to join up and use the free marketing material we provide within the content they produce on their website or in print. A few clicks later and a blogger or shop owner can make extra money without having to stock or ship a single one of our products.

Share the Good News

We stand behind our products 100%. Our devices have been extensively tested and certified and come with a 1-year warranty at no additional cost. What are you waiting for?

Join Diagnostica’s affiliate program here. Have additional questions? Comment below, email or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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