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As riders want to get more information about a great ‘Harley dealer near me’ for a new bike or service, there is no one way to get the insight needed to avoid a potentially problematic dealership. Riders put in time and effort to scout out locations and gather intel for an informed choice. As a new Harley-Davidson rider or one that may have relocated, what can you do to find a great dealer near you?

Fellow riders have shared a few of their techniques for finding a qualified dealership in their area. Are you exploring all of your options?

Talking to Fellow Riders

It may seem like a no-brainer but Harley riders are tapping into the community of riders at the local level to find out more about dealerships in their area. This provides one way to informally poll the experience of Harley riders. In addition to this, riders make reach out to their local H.O.G. chapter for more insights on dealerships. As many Harley owners have been riding and servicing the bikes for years in a specific location, it can help to simply chat with other riders about their customer service experiences and the quality of work they have received at their local dealerships.

Scouting Out Dealerships

Many riders will check out a dealership for their own needs or to help out another Harley owner. One can go down and investigate a local dealership, speak with the service desk associates and mechanics at a dealership to get a sense of how it operates. Put out the call and a Harley rider in another area may be able to check out a dealership to give a fellow rider a helping hand.

Speaking to Independent Shop Owners

A large community of people are available to help riders, including friendly and knowledgeable independent shop owners. They may get a bike when it has been poorly serviced at a dealership or when work is not covered under warranty. Many have been around long enough to hear tales of woe. It may help to talk to such owners in an area to get more insight on the local dealerships and which dealerships are more likely to scam a rider rather than provide high quality service.

Checking the Forum Threads

If a rider is not going down in person to a dealership, they may be looking for reviews on forum threads. The majority of reviews on forums will share negative experiences. However, it is possible to find positive experiences with dealerships as well. Of course, this is only one more way to getting more information and may not cover dealerships in a specific area or be free of bias.

Searching Yelp and Google

Lastly, bike owners are reading Yelp reviews or using the term “stealership” to avoid the worst of the bunch. The reviews and stories may be an interesting read and multiple negative reviews may help alert Harley riders to a serious problem with a dealership.

Thank You for Sharing

We appreciate those riders who have shared their approach to learning more about dealerships in their area. If you are a rider that has come across a useful thread or a tool to share and navigate through Harley dealer reviews, comment below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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