New Details Revealed on the Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding

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New Details Revealed on the Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding Diagnostica

You know the feeling of being out on the open road, smiling while coasting along a highway and taking in the accompanying sights and sounds. While it may be hard to put into words, scientists are working hard to show that there is something behind feeling good when out riding. Science is now backing up what Harley enthusiasts have previously assumed for some time.

Aside from being part of a great community, motorcycle riding may help people improve their health and sense of well-being. With the latest research available, bikers can find additional reasons for prepping and taking their Harley-Davidson for a spin.

Find out more about the recent study providing evidence that motorcycle riding has potential mental and physical benefits.

Can Motorcycling Be More Relaxing Than Yoga?

Do you often feel highly-stressed during your day? Stress is not necessary bad in and of itself but high stress levels over a long period have been related to health issues such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Doctors may suggest yoga, meditation and better sleep to reduce stress naturally. After the most recent research, they may want to add motorcycling to their list of recommendations.

Researchers at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior out of UCLA recently shared findings that appear to show a positive correlation between motorcycling, cortisol levels, focus and attention. High cortisol levels demonstrate increased levels of stress. This study provides support that motorcycling may result in lower relative levels of cortisol and therefore, a more relaxed state. Harley lovers who get chastised for taking out their ride may now point to the ability of this activity to decrease this hormonal marker of stress in their system.

Can Motorcycling Replace Low-Impact Exercise?

Walking is boring, and there may be more exciting alternatives that are not hard on the body. Individuals who do not get enough exercise daily may want to consider getting on their Harley more. Additional results of the study included an increase in heart rate and adrenaline that would be similar to light exercise. Participants who were recorded before, during and soon after motorcycling also appeared to experience a rise in sensory focus and were more resilient to distraction. Dr. Don Vaughn, lead researcher and neuroscientist, believes that the technology to explore the impact of motorcycling has only become recently available, and it is now possible to scientifically investigate the mental and physical benefits as they relate to the brain.

These details and more can be found in the study, “The mental and physical effects of riding a motorcycle.”

Want to Know More?

This is not the only research that indicates that there could be real health advantages to motorcycle riding. Explore the potential impact on mental health for veterans, as well as cognitive functioning, insulin sensitivity and more in How Riding Your Harley-Davidson Can Improve Your Health. Always follow safe driving practices in the pursuit of better mental and physical health while motorcycling. Share your thoughts on the research below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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  • I am glad you mentioned that riding a motorcycle can put people in a relaxed state by lowering levels of cortisol. I never thought that motorcycling could help relieve stress. People that have tons of stress should consider buying a motorcycle to help themselves calm down. Thank you for sharing this information, it was very enlightening.

    David Norriss on

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