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User Verified Reviews Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool Diagnostica

You see a new product, look at the features and the price tag. Obviously, you want to know if the product delivers real value before making a purchase. It only makes sense to check the online reviews as verified user reviews have become an important way to know more about the user experience before making a purchase.  

Diagnostica makes this process easy. Diagnostica shares the latest user testimonials and reviews of the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool with readers. Learn how this new personal diagnostic tool for Harley owners makes a difference for customers today.

The Latest Reviews of the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool

From motorcycle mechanics to Harley enthusiasts, get the 4-1-1 on this innovative product today. Check out some of our reviews below.

Carl B., Canada, email

“I am a red seal journeyman motorcycle mechanic with 15+ years of experience as a Harley-Davidson technician and technical instructor. I received one of these motorscan tools from KS2 technologies who distribute them in Canada.

‘These tools work very well, especially given the small size of the interface unit. Using the tool really is as simple as it sounds, plug the module into the data port, turn the motorcycle on and ignition switch to run, and open the app on your smart phone or tablet. You will have access to trouble code info as well as live data from the modules on the motorcycle; ECM, BCM, LHCM, RHCM, ABS, Speedo, etc. Motorscan offers two versions of their diagnostic tool, 4 pin for J1850 models and 6 pin for HD LAN bikes. Both use bluetooth to connect to a tablet or smartphone running the app.

‘This tool is quite small and portable, and while not having all of the features of the Digital Technician laptop (not available outside the dealer network), it does offer the motorcycle owner or independent technician the opportunity to get diagnostic information from the motorcycle in an affordable package.”

Charles T., Canada

“Great Product, works exactly as described and will be very useful. I look forward to showing it off to my fellow riders. Installation was quick and simple on my 2006 ultra classic and I was surprised how much data can be seen now on my iPhone; very cool!”

Michael M., Verified Buyer

Real money saving device!

Great little tool that saves time and money. No need to go to the dealer to find out what codes you have stored and can narrow down your search for problems. The realtime dashboard helps with seeing data that you might need but might not see on the bikes dash! One of the better diagnostic tools out there at a great price!”

Mark I., Verified Buyer

Awesome product.

Very impressive product. Easy set up and quickly usable. Lot of good data at your fingertips. Been showing it off to friends. Thanks for a great product.”

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These recent testimonials are all in addition to the reviews already posted about the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool. Feel free to read:

Diagnostica thanks all of the buyers and users who have posted about their experiences using the Motorscan diagnostic tool to provide more insight to Harley owners, dealers and mechanics. Contact Diagnostica by emailing to share your experience today.


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