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Alt image: Reviews of Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson Bikes

Detailed Reviews on the World’s First Personal Diagnostic Tool for Harleys


As the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool was released in April, Diagnostica and its products have been gaining attention from top motorcycle industry magazines, bloggers and more. This product is new to the motorcycle market and Harley enthusiasts and independent shop owners want to know more.

Curious about what it is like to actually use the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool before you buy? Diagnostica responds to this growing interest in the adapter for Harley-Davidson bikes with some recent details from current users.


Adrian of YouMotorcycle gets plenty of invites to test drive and give his thoughts on new products on YouMotorcycle is a motorcycle blog offering motorcyclists articles and unique content written by independent motorcycle industry professionals and international riders. He wondered about Diagnostica’s promise. Could the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool save Harley riders thousands over the life of a bike?

He wanted to answer some fundamental questions.

  • Just how easy was the installation process?
  • How well does the device work?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How much can average owners potentially save?

Starting from the top, installation took approximately 30 seconds on a 2006 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod, the guinea pig for the day. A nice aspect of his description is that images and directions inform users about the location of the diagnostic port. This has become a common question for those riders that had never needed to find the diagnostic port on their bike and are looking to connect their new Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool. Once found, the device fit in perfectly with an audible click when inserted into the port.

Adrian gave a long list of all of the areas that can be checked, in addition to error codes. This includes:

  • Engine temperature sensor;
  • Front and rear spark advance;
  • Tipover sensor data;
  • Throttle angle and much more.

With several “view all” choices, it is simple for first-time users to get a clear overview of their bike’s health. An owner’s smartphone can be easily mounted for riders that want to check data when idling.

Adrian also believes that over a lifetime of a bike, the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool has the potential to deliver on its promise. As he stated:

“Should you ever have a problem reoccur, or a new problem arise, you would be lucky and grateful to have paid for a Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool. You would fix the problem yourself, or at least avoid diagnostic fees, and the tool would more than pay for itself.”

Check out the scenario presented and why Adrian fully endorsed the product on the YouMotorcycle blog. Enjoy a more visually-compelling review on the YouMotorcycle video:


Eric Peters Autos

Eric Peters or EPautos of Eric Peters Autos shared his experience using the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool on his friend’s Harley Street Glide FLHX. He got excited as the “wireless rig” is an advantage over traditional hand-held can tools, “which have to be plugged in to the OBD adapter, trailing a clunky wire to a code reader.” For those with just the basics on their bike, he suggested mounting the smartphone to the bars or fairing to use it as a portable accessory dashboard. The device may also prove useful to finding out why a code is thrown when riding in a situation when problems only manifest when a bike is moving. Eric shared:

“The app tells you what trouble codes mean - not just the alpha-numerical code that’s been thrown. For example, if the ECU sends a P2100 code, the app will tell you that means the EFI motor circuit is open. Now you know what to fix. Or what to tell your mechanic to fix.”

In addition, the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic tool helps bike owners avoid getting taken for a ride. As Eric saw it:

“One of the bennies of a rig like this is that it serves as an anti-rip-off device. Instead of having to rely on what your mechanic tells you the problem is, you’ll know. And before you go. You don’t have to tell the shop/mechanic what the reader told you. Wait and see what they tell you – then compare notes. If they differ, you can challenge what they tell you the problem is.”

Read the full review.

Eric Peters regularly shares his perspective on the latest events and products in the automotive and motorcycle industry and regularly answers reader questions. Check out his website for reviews, tips and more.

Twisted Cycles LLC

Chris Ligi and Brian Camardella of Twisted Cycles LLC are featured in a recent video using and sharing their opinion of the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool. Their shop customizes all types of bikes from around the world and is located in Middle Island, NY. They have found their Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool helpful in easily scanning multiple bikes at their shop. In the video, Brian takes a potential customer through the steps on getting started with using the adapter and viewing details on their smartphone. A nice feature shared by Brian is that a user can search for DTCs by system or by doing a global search and then save reports or than email them. This is a significant improvement over the multi-step and tedious search for single trouble codes that some Harley owners do before heading down to check their engine light at a dealership. Other key features are the ability to view live data parameters, ECM data and the dashboard. According to Brian, a notable aspect of this device is its size. Brian said:

“The best part about this is it’s so small, you could plug it in, tuck it back underneath your seat, leave it there. Anytime your check engine light comes on, you open up the app and see what’s going on.”

Partner and CEO Chris Ligi added:

“You’re right. Because these things are so small and they’re so inexpensive. You go to Harley and you try to get something done, a hundred dollars an hour minimum. But they’re 300 bucks and the best investment you can ever make because you’ll have all the data prior to going to Harley and you’ll know what you’ll be getting into.”

Pricing Update: Buy the new Diagnostica product and get $100 off. The Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool is now only $199.99. No coupon code needed.

View the video:

They have found the product to be so useful for them that they joined our referral program and interested Harley owners can also purchase the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool through their website. The Motorscan diagnostic tool makes a user’s life easier when it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting issues on a bike and it is no wonder new users decide to become part of our affiliate program.

Have You Bought One Yet?

This chat is getting louder on Harley and motorcycle forums. As riders become aware of this device on industry magazines including RoadRUNNER, TopSpeed and Clutch & Chrome, they want to know more about the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool and how it can save them time and money. Have you taken the plunge? Diagnostica invites customers to share their thoughts on their new purchase. Share your experience with the device in the comments below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews today.


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