World’s First Personal Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

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Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC and DIAGNOSTICA LLC introduce wireless on-board diagnostic (OBD) adapters that work with a free smartphone app to give motorcycle owners the ability to diagnose different types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


Long Island, New York – April 5, 2017 – Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC, a creator of unique diagnostic tools for automobiles, trucks and powersports vehicles, and DIAGNOSTICA LLC, an innovative diagnostic equipment company, announced today the availability of Motorscan® smartphone diagnostics adapters for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Featuring a patent-pending design, Motorscan adapters are the first devices of their kind. The tiny plug and play adapters work on the majority of Harley-Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 2001 to 2015. Future software updates will extend the compatibility to newer models. The free smartphone app is available for Android phones and iPhones.

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The Motorscan adapter plugs into a motorcycle’s diagnostic port and can be left there indefinitely. Using the Motorscan app, a bike owner can read trouble codes and conditions with detailed descriptions, clear the check engine light, access various bike systems, from the electronic control unit (ECU) to the dashboard, to see data parameters, view virtual gauges, and more. Bike owners can easily save diagnostic reports and email them to their mechanics with a touch of a button.


“We created the Motorscan OBD adapter so that Harley-Davidson owners can easily diagnose their bikes themselves and see what is wrong if the check engine light comes on,” said Alex Leonov, Managing Partner at Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC. “You can save time and money on unnecessary shop visits, but you will also know when you actually must visit your mechanic.”


Alex Leonov added: “Motorscan essentially turns your smartphone into a powerful diagnostic tool. A lot of diagnostic tools are bulky, but we wanted to make a tool that can be left in a bike and used every day. We ended up reinventing the OBD adapter when we created the world’s smallest diagnostic device for powersports with a patent-pending design that is guaranteed to fit snugly into a bike’s diagnostic port. To ensure software compatibility with a wide range of Harley-Davidson models, we partnered with EOS Srl, makers of professional motorcycle diagnostics equipment. The end result is an easy-to-use tool to monitor your bike’s health daily.”


“Smart Vehicle Diagnostics creates truly unique and market-leading products for motorcycle diagnostics, and we are proud to be their distribution partner,” said Lisa DiFalco, VP Marketing at DIAGNOSTICA LLC. “We are very excited about how the new Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tools for Harley-Davidson motorcycles will empower bike owners. We are confident that that they will become a must-have device for all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.”


There are two types of adapters available. The MSDKHD4 4-pin adapter is compatible with older models with Delphi engine control units and 4-pin J1850 OBD connectors. The MSDKHD6 6-pin adapter works with most of the newer CAN-Bus Harley-Davidson bikes with 6-pin OBD connectors. You can check a motorcycle’s compatibility at


Motorscan is a plug and play device. To start, install the Motorscan app on a smartphone. Then plug the Motorscan adapter into the bike’s OBD data link connector, which is usually located under the seat or on the side. Make sure the bike is unlocked. Turn the ignition on and put the RUN switch into RUN position. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone. After launching, the app will find the adapter automatically. Complete a quick registration form to begin to diagnose the bike.


Pricing and Availability


The Motorscan smartphone diagnostics adapters for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are available at for $299.00 each with free shipping.



Product images and video are available at For more information visit



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About Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC


Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC is a creator, developer and distributor of unique diagnostic tools and equipment for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and other powersports vehicles, adding value for bike owners and service providers with innovative hardware and software. Our cutting edge tools help end-users gain a competitive advantage with faster, more cost effective and enhanced diagnostic abilities, while servicing a greater range of vehicles.


Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC is the exclusive authorized distributor of Motorscan® MemoBike 6050 motorcycle diagnostics products in the Americas and the rest of the world outside of Europe. Motorscan®, an EOS Automotive Division, is a world leader in emission testers and multi-brand diagnostics scan tools for car and motorcycle repair shops.





DIAGNOSTICA empowers the bike owner. We work to provide diagnostic abilities directly to the bike owner. Simply turn on and read the input on a given bike and know what needs to be done to get a bike back on the road. Save time, money and hassle when not having to schedule and lay out for expensive service shop visits. DIAGNOSTICA tools are simple to use and always available. Why wait days for answers when you can get the information you need in a few minutes?  A better user experience is at your fingertips with the next wave of IoT technology now made available to the motorcycle owner.


Who We Are

DIAGNOSTICA is based on Long Island, New York, but team members come from around the world. We build and offer products that make it easier to do what you love. Our team has the big ideas and collaborative spirit to change the driving experience and put the driver first.


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