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Harley-Davidson J1850 Diagnostic Adapter

4-Pin OBD Data Link
Connector (DLC) Adapter

• Works on most older Harley-Davidson
models with 4-pin OBD data link
connectors (DLCs) and Delphi ECUs
• Read and erase diagnostic trouble
codes (DTCs), view data parameters,
save and share reports,
and more.

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Harley-Davidson CAN-Bus Diagnostic Adapter

6-Pin OBD Data Link
Connector (DLC) Adapter

• Works on most newer Harley-Davidson
CAN-Bus models with 6-pin
OBD data link connectors (DLCs)
• Read and erase diagnostic trouble
codes (DTCs), view data parameters,
save and share reports,
and more.

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Save Money
Diagnose your bike yourself.
Save on shop visits.
Plug & Play
Simply plug in the adapter and
use your smartphone with
MotoLink app to diagnose
your bike.
Easy Fit
World’s smallest motorcycle
diagnostic device. No wires.
Connect and use.

Diagnose Your Bike Yourself

Plug in the adapter into OBD
data link connector. It is usually
located under the seat or on the
Easy 1
Make sure the motorcycle is
unlocked. Turn ignition on. Put
RUN switch into ‘RUN” position.
Turn on Bluetooth on
your smartphone.
Easy 2
Launch MotoLink app. The
smartphone will connect with
the adapter automatically.
Complete registration and you
are ready to go!
Easy 3

Scan and diagnose these motorcycle systems*:

• Ignition: Delphi® ICM
• Injection: Delphi® ECM
• Immobilizer: Delphi® TSSM and Delphi® HFSM
• Dashboard: Delphi® IM and Delphi® HD
• ABS Brembo Bosch® ABS8M
• Radio Harman Kardon® Audio

• Injection: Delphi® HD-LAN
• Body Computer: Delphi® HD-LAN
• Dashboard: SPD HD-LAN
• Handlebar Control Commands: HD-LAN
• ABS: Brembo Bosch® Type 1 HD-LAN
• ABS: Brembo Bosch® Type 2 HD-LAN
• Radio: HD-LAN

* - Check the model list to make sure your bike is compatible. Not all systems are installed on all motorcycles. May not be compatible with aftermarket injection mapping.
Very impressive product. Easy set up and quickly usable. Lot of good data at you finger tips. Been showing it off to friends.
Mark I., OH
These things are so small, so Inexpensive. You go to Harley and try to get something done, it’ll be 100 dollars an hour, minimum. But here 300 bucks and you’ll have all the data prior to going to Harley and know what you’re getting into. It’s the best investment you could ever make!
Chris L., NY
Great Product, works exactly as described and will be very useful. I look forward to showing it off to my fellow riders. Installation was quick and simple on my 2006 ultra classic and I was surprised how much data can be seen now on my iPhone; very cool!
Charles T., Canada

Will the Motorscan adapter
work on my bike?

Dyna  2004-2011 MSDKHD4 (4-Pin)
Dyna  2012-2017 MSDKHD6 (6-Pin)
Softail/Cruiser  2004-2010 MSDKHD4 (4-Pin)
Softail/Cruiser  2011-2020 MSDKHD6 (6-Pin)
Sportster  2007-2013 MSDKHD4 (4-Pin)
Sportster  2014-2020 MSDKHD6 (6-Pin)
Street  2014-2020 MSDKHD6 (6-Pin)
Touring  2004-2013 MSDKHD4 (4-Pin)
Touring  2014-2020 MSDKHD6 (6-Pin)
Trike 2010-2013 MSDKHD4 (4-Pin)
Trike 2014-2020 MSDKHD6 (6-Pin)
V-Rod 2004-2018 MSDKHD4 (4-Pin)

IMPORTANT: The adapters only work on fuel-injected Harley-Davidson models.

NOTE: Some of the early 2001-2003 models have been equipped with the Delphi® electronic control modules (ECMs) that will work with our adapters. You can find out if your motorcycle is compatible by checking the number of wired pins in the diagnostic port, also known as the data link connector (DLC). If only three of the pins are wired, then it's the Delphi® ECM and the adapter is compatible. If all four pins are wired, then our adapter is not compatible with this motorcycle.