From Smart Helmets to Connected Bikes: The IoT Transformation Comes to Harley-Davidson®

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The IoT Transformation Diagnostica

Are you ready for the IBM Cloud? New changes are underway allowing Harley riders glued to their smartphones to conveniently connect to their bike and access practical user information via the cloud. The arrival of LiveWire™, Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, is only part of the wave of the changes to come.

The influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) may finally be infiltrating the motorcycle industry. Explore the exciting digital technology initiatives making it easier to benefit from wireless connectivity for a safer and more enjoyable ride.  

New Initiative: The H-D™ Connect

When it comes to reimagining the experience of riding, new cloud, IoT and AI technologies are at the early stages of the evolution. However, the H-D Connect service linking an owner to their motorcycle with a convenient smartphone app is one of the first indicators that motorcyclists can soon expect more from the industry at large.

Riders may be already aware that this H-D app using the IBM Cloud will allow for secure information transmission and storage, care and service alerts, locations of surrounding charging stations and more. Bike riders can check their bike vitals, including battery health, range and charge level, receive an alert if a bike has been move or tampered with, and in some markets get stolen-vehicle assistance. Those taking the plunge and buying the new electric bike may be part of the first group of riders expecting more engagement and enhanced technology abilities via app technology.

Earlier Rumblings: Helmet Safety and Aftermarket Devices

Before the LiveWire initiative, sensor technology had been starting to make inroads into the motorcycle industry. Riders of any age may already be taking advantage of sensors that attach to a helmet, detecting an impact and notifying emergency contacts, along with sending GPS coordinates of a rider’s location. Such is the case with the ICEdot Crash Sensor, available since 2013, that wirelessly connects to the ICEdot app.

Bought out by Specialized in 2017, ICEdot users can get their new Specialized ANGi sensor for free. The continued interest in sensor technology used in this comprehensive digital safety platform shows the demand for technology that can improve personal safety for action sports enthusiasts taking those curves.

This is not the only company getting in on the sensor technology available to riders. Forcite is developing its own smart motorcycle helmet, offering performance-tracking sensors, an action cam and Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth headset can be connected to a smartphone for calls, podcasts, navigation prompts and more. The sensor suite included helps riders get auto-generated ride maps, lap times and more through the partnering phone app. While not yet released, Forcite Test Pilot members should help with finalizing the product.

How Will You Ride?

Are you ready to tap that screen for the latest bike stats and communications? It doesn’t take an electric bike to get in on the new sensor technologies available to Harley riders. Find out about additional apps in New Apps and Digital Tech Transform Your Harley Riding Experience. Continue to use your smartphone as a convenient diagnostic tool for your next long ride with the Motorscan plug and play adapter. Which technologies have improved your riding experience? Comment about your favorite apps below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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