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How will Harley enthusiasts respond to innovations to an American classic? Riders may find the latest apps and digital tech updates attractive enough to investigate further, helping them diagnose their ride, share their latest trips and get more detailed information. Some advances can be used on older Harleys, while others are only available on the new LiveWire electric motorcycle and the latest models.

Get in on the fun as you explore the digital technology that can connect your ride to the cloud or ever-present smartphone.

LiveWire and the H-D Connect

Be on the lookout for H-D’s first electric motorcycle this fall. An added feature of the bike, the H-D Connect, will offer an app to connect user smartphones to their ride. Information will be securely transmitted and stored in the cloud and allow users to receive service and care reminders, know how far they may travel before recharging, and get alerts if a ride is stolen or unplugged. The Internet of Things (IoT) has come to the H-D riding experience, but time will show what segment of buyers are ready to adopt related devices.

Updates to the Official H-D Ride Planner

The Harley Ride Planner is part of the new official Harley-Davidson® smartphone application used on iOS and Android. Not much has been announced on the updates so far. Released in 2018, it has replaced the older online version. A desktop and smartphone app version of the Harley Ride Planner are available.

Enthusiasts appreciate the ability to plan and download trips.  Changes can be made and trips shared with friends. This can then be used with Harley supported external GPS devices. Users can filter out what they do not need and add stops and waypoints. The interactive map makes it easy to see all the gas stations, hotels, scenic locations and more that may be en route. The Harley Ride Planner is part of the new official Harley-Davidson smartphone application and can be used on iOS and Android. Some may find a tutorial video useful when getting started.

The Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System

Riders yearning for an evolved interface experience may appreciate The Boom! Box GTS for specific H-D Touring and Trike motorcycles. It has become standard on 2019 bikes including the Ultra Limited, Road Glide® Ultra, Street Glide® Special and more. It is also a factory-installed option for the Electric Glide® Ultra Classic® and other models.

See all that can be done with the new Boom! Box GTS system. It has an improved display with the look of tablet devices and the latest automotive displays. Expect a glass touch-screen surface treated for exceptional visibility that has considerably more resolution and contrast than its predecessor. More responsiveness and memory is part of the package with start-up time cut to less than half of its previous time and significantly faster route calculation time. Use a USB smartphone connection or Bluetooth to import routes. The technology can be used with Apple CarPlay and the new voice recognition feature makes it easier to search.

Those who want more can check out the Will it Rain? And Diablo Super Biker apps summed up in a previous post, 5 Apps Take Your Harley Riding Experience to the Next Level. As always, Diagnostica provides followers with the latest updates coming to the Harley riding community.

Which Apps Are Worth Downloading?

Diagnostica customers continue to get updates on their free Motolink™ app for Android and iOS, transforming smartphones into a convenient diagnostic tool with the Motorscan plug and play adapter. With all the new apps coming out, which ones help you get the most from your riding experience? Comment about your favorite apps below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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