Where to Find Affordable Motorcycle Lessons

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Where to Find Affordable Motorcycle Lessons Diagnostica

Now is the perfect time to brush up those Harley riding skills. Novice and experienced riders may search ‘motorcycle lessons near me’ to find reputable dealerships and organizations offering motorcycle safety classes and more. Why would this be useful?

New riders and those changing models may want to work on basic riding skills. More experienced riders may want to learn more about making adjustments safely while out on a road or when encountering varying road or weather conditions. Spring prepping shouldn’t only be about making sure that your bike is ready to hit the road, but that you can take on any challenge.

Any motorcycle enthusiast can benefit from a brief introduction to some organizations currently offering motorcycle lessons for different ability levels.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation®

Beginning riders may be able to find that motorcycle lessons are closer than they think. Since 1974, The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has offered a Basic RiderCourse™ suitable for riders. Instruction is a combination of classroom and hand-on instruction and riding exercises. Those who have yet to purchase their motorcycle may use those provided by MSF at no additional charge. 14 hands-on exercises included in the course include:

  • Shifting and stopping;
  • Using the friction zone; and
  • Adjusting for a lean.

Expect an evaluation at the end of the course to test knowledge and riding skill. Did you know that successfully completing a RiderCourse may allow you to skip the riding part of the motorcycle endorsement test and may get you a discount on your motorcycle discount? These are just two additional benefits to those of being able to feel more confident and ride safer.

Harley-Davidson® Dealership

Classes are not just for newbies. Harley-Davidson offers a Skilled Rider Course for experienced riders. Unlike the RiderCourse from MSF, students are expected to use their own bike. It may also be necessary to set time aside on two days to complete the course. Riders will be improving skills like:

  • Managing risk;
  • Controlling a bike at low speeds;
  • Making maneuvers with limited space; and
  • Handling multiple curves.

Successful completion entitles the rider to a MSF Basic RiderCourse 2 completion card and a potential motorcycle insurance discount. Students will need to bring their bike, a permit or license, and proof of motorcycle insurance. Search online for upcoming classes or contact a local Harley-Davidson dealer.

Find Out More

Some riders like to get their information first-hand. Free sessions about different motorcycle courses may be held at a local educational institution like Hudson Valley Community College. This provides a great opportunity to get an idea of the courses available for beginner to advanced riders. It is also a perfect time to ask questions, such as special programs or discounts for veterans and the military.

Have you recently taken a course with one of the organizations above? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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