RideApart Discusses Benefits of Tiny Harley-Davidson OBD Scanner

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'Meet MotorScan: The Tiny OBD Scanner for Harley-Davidsons' was originally written by Tim Huber and published on RideApart. 

Tiny MotorScan device gives Harley-Davidson owners a digital onboard diagnostics tool that can instantly tell them what’s wrong with their bike on the screen of their phone.

Harleys have become increasingly complex over the past few decades. With the advent of fuel injection, engine control systems, and other computer wizardy, shadetree mechanics have a harder time wrenching in the garage than their fathers and grandfathers did. Luckily, with the advent of MotorScan, Joe Shadetree's life just got a little easier.

What is MotorScan? It's a handy plug-and-play unit links to a user’s Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and instantly conveys any problems or failures a bike may be experiencing. These digital findings can then be emailed to a mechanic at the touch of a button. Though the device obviously can’t fix any of the problems it detects, knowing what exact issue is occurring can be really helpful. The device is made by Smart Vehicle Diagnostics LLC – a cutting-edge creator, developer, and distributor of diagnostic tools and equipment for just about every type of ground vehicle on wheels.

“If I’m on the road – far from the dealership I usually go to – and the “check engine” light comes on, I’ll get the diagnostic report and email it to my mechanic at the dealership. If the issue is serious, I may have to go to a place nearby to take care of it, but with this tool I will avoid being taken advantage of and upsold on repairs I don’t need,' said Smart Vehicle Diagnostics’ Managing Partner, Alex Leonov. 'MotorScan not only saves money for bike owners, it’s a great tool for dealers to stay connected to their customers and build long-term relationships. The tool is a real win-win for both Harley owners and dealers.”

Continue reading about Tim Huber's take on the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson bikes here.

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