5 Motorcycle Tools to Get Harley-Davidson Riders Home

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Wrenching on your own means having the right tools at your disposal. While some tools stay nestled in your toolkit at home, others make their way with you to handle a surprise breakdown or DTC. Today’s tools have become roadside essentials. What are the best tools to take with you on your next ride?


A good pair of quality pliers can come in handy for a number of issues. Every Harley-davidson bike owner should own high-quality safety wire pliers, locking pliers, needle nose pliers, circlip pliers and regular pliers.

Ratcheting wrenches

Wrenches are a great investment but you may need more than one set and have to have a few shorter ones for the small spaces that do not accommodate a full-sized wrench. A stubby wrench works for those tight confines and would be a welcome addition when out riding.

Torque wrenches

Whether at home or on the road, a torque wrench ensures that bolts are tightened to factory specifications. This tool helps prevent the stripping of bolts or losing a bolt when riding. The fasteners throughout a bike have a recommended torque value. If space allows, keep one of your torque wrenches with you as you ride.

The Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool

While this plug and play device won’t fix the problem for you, it will give you details on one or more trouble codes and you can monitor live system health on your bike. The Bluetooth technology allows it to be used for diagnostics in areas without cellular coverage. You can use the diagnostic tool to get an idea of the issue, do a little roadside maintenance and send a report of codes indicating more complex issues to a trusted mechanic. It takes up virtually no space in your saddlebag as it remains securely attached to the 4-pin or 6-pin diagnostic port of most standard Harley’s, manufactured from 2001 to 2017.

Tire Repair Kit

It may not happen often, but a tire problem can cause a real issue. Whether you ran over a nail or are experiencing a flat for no known reason, you will need some sort of kit to get you to a relatively close stop. Most Harley owners will have an emergency tire repair kit as part of their tool kit. One or more patches, a can of fix a flat and a small tire pump can be taken on the road with you.

Plan Ahead

As a Harley owner, you can talk to fellow riders, read up on the latest reddit threads and biker forums and stay abreast of new tools on the market to make sure you have all necessary tools with you when out riding. It is great to have a smartphone today and call for a tow, but in areas with little to no cell coverage, you may have to take it upon yourself to get your bike to the nearest stop for service. Riders with newer bikes may have work covered through their warranty but others may want to look into getting insurance for their bike for a little extra piece of mind.

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