Is the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool Right for Your Harley?

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Right for Your Bike Diagnostica


It is not every day that a new tool comes out to make it easier for a Harley owner to troubleshoot and repair their own bike. The Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool is truly one of a kind with its patent-pending design, making the process of checking trouble codes on new models while on the go quick and simple. The only thing is, Harley bikes have gone through a number of system modifications. Remember that beloved time before computers? You may own and be riding one of the classic models manufactured before the introduction of the Engine Control Module or ECM. And that is great as with regular maintenance many models can be kept on the road for decades. However, some of the latest technologies may not be compatible with those bikes.

We want to be crystal clear about who can benefit from and who will not be able to use the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool. We appreciate your patronage and want everyone who purchases this diagnostic tool from our store, an online affiliate, select Harley-Davidson® dealerships or through Amazon to get the best experience possible. What should you know about our diagnostic tool?

Understand the Fine Print

Our 4-pin diagnostic tool (P/N MSDKHD4) is made to work with a majority of standard Harley models from 2001 to 2017 using a 4-pin data link connector (DLC) and J1850 VPW protocol. Between 2001 and 2003, Harley-Davidson bikes were still transitioning to today’s Delphi® ECM units and some of these models used ECMs made by VDO and Magneti Marelli. Therefore it is important to check our compatibility guide before purchasing. If in doubt, refer to the owner's manual or check the number of wired pins in the diagnostic port. If only three of the pins are wired, then it's the Delphi ECM and the adapter is compatible. If all four pins are wired, then the Motorscan adapter is not compatible with this motorcycle.


4-pin Diagnostic Port Harley-Davidson Diagnostica

Image of a 4-pin diagnostic port on a standard Harley-Davidson bike.


The above limitation only applies to the 4-pin adapter of the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool. The 6-pin adapter works on all Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with CAN-Bus systems and 6-pin diagnostic ports. Know before you buy.

Diagnostica makes it easy to double check your bike’s compatibility. Prospective buyers can go to our website and scroll down the page. Near the end of the home page, you will see two fields asking for the make and model of your bike. Add the details requested and click “Check Compatibility” to find out if your bike makes the cut. To get the full listing of makes and models that are compatible, select the “View Model List” button.

Get the Inside Scoop

Get the tools you need to make it simple to diagnose on the go. Today’s technologies now use Bluetooth technology and smartphone devices to help riders know their ride better. Have questions about the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool? Comment below, email or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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