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Police Motorscan Smartphone Personal Diagnostic Tool Diagnostica 

Every year fleet managers attempt to determine which tools will best serve their police force. 2018 proves no different than in years past. Police forces have been relying on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in order to protect and serve for generations. It has been over a century that Harley bikes have been a mode of transportation in select police forces and tradition continues today.

Fleet managers look for the latest technology to assist police departments. News about the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic device for Harley-Davidson has been recently shared with audiences on and via the Police Fleet eNewsletter. Learn more about the latest in innovative smartphone technology that may help the boys in blue do what they do best.

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“Smart Vehicle Diagnostics' Motorscan diagnostic tool is the first compact on-board diagnostic (OBD) tool for motorcycles, allowing users to monitor the health of their bike on demand. The technology is new to motorcycles as many OEMs use different OBD connectors. The Motorscan is currently designed to fit Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

‘The Motorscan Bluetooth adapter plugs into the motorcycle's diagnostic port and can remain attached indefinitely. Using the Motorscan app, the user can read trouble codes and conditions with detailed descriptions, clear the Check Engine light, access various bike systems (from the electronic control unit to the dashboard), view live data parameters, look up the VIN number, and view virtual gauges. Users can save diagnostic reports and email them to a mechanic or technician at the push of a button.”

Read on to find out more about the utility of the Motorscan tool for police forces here. Diagnostica appreciates Government Fleet, Police Fleet eNews and POLICE Magazine for sharing details about the Motorscan smartphone device in ‘On-Board Diagnostics for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.’

Supporting Our Boys

Diagnostica and Smart Vehicle Diagnostics are poised to expand features and enter new areas in 2018, including that of serving local police forces in the United States with the latest in personal diagnostic technology. Fleet managers and policemen or women interested in enjoying special discounted rates on bulk purchases can email directly for details.


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