Summer Shots of Your Favorite Spots from Harley-Davidson Riders

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Alt image: Morro Bay


Summer is the time to hit major motorcycling events and make those exciting cross-country trips. Whether you choose to stay local or visit new places as the summer season comes to a close, aren’t you curious as to what the rest of the Harley-Davidson pack has been up to?

Diagnostica gives you the real shots fellow Harley-Davidson riders have snapped while out on two wheels. Get inspired today!


From Colorado to New Mexico

Alt Text: Switzerland Diagnostica

Image 1


Alt Text: Snowy Peaks Diagnostica

Images 1 and 2 were taken along the Million Dollar highway US550 between Silverton and Ouray, CO. Probably the most scenic stretch of highway in the US as it cuts through the lower Rockies and the San Juan forest, but also one of the most dangerous, as its filled with steep switchbacks, and curves with no guardrails and drops of several hundred feet. 


Alt text: New Mexico US 84 Diagnostica

Image 3 of desert in New Mexico along US 84. According to SlyFuzz, “[i]t was kind of cool leaving a lush mountain forest in CO in the morning and having the landscape do a complete 180 by the late afternoon.” 


Alt text: Colorado Bend State Park Diagnostica

Image 4 is of Colorado Bend State Park and TejasJeff’s Dyna. He shares, '[this is] a remote park in central Texas that is frequented by those of us that enjoy the rolling hills, Colorado River and abundant wildlife. Even better getting there on my Dyna.' He believes, “the ride getting there is one of the best parts. Rolling hills, twisty roads and very little traffic. It's a hidden gem.” 


California and the West Coast

Alt text: Morro Bay and Corona Diagnostica

Image 5 is of Morro Bay, CA. As Mike Lawless said, “I had a hankerin' for fish tacos, so I jumped on the bike for the three hour ride to Morro Bay.” Morro Bay is about 100 miles south of Monterey. The Morro Rock is a familiar landmark. Dockside restaurant offers patio seating and serves fresh seafood caught locally.


 Old Creek Road Diagnostica

Image 6 is of Old Creek Road. Mike shared, “Old Creek Road is a road out of Cayucos that cuts the corner between Highway 1 and Highway 46 on the California Central coast. It's twisty and there are ‘tree tunnels’ and wildflowers like in the photo. The wildflower bloom is short-lived and does not happen every year. The sun happened to be in exactly the right spot as I was coming out of a tree tunnel to give off a nice glow on the field of wildflowers.”


Ride Safe

In many parts of the country, riders have benefited from a mild summer. But your bike can throw a code at any time, rain or shine. Take care of troubling DTCs and be prepared to address common maintenance issues whenever and wherever you may be.

Diagnostica speeds up the diagnostic process with the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool. Send a report of trouble codes to your preferred mechanic from anywhere and get the parts you need when you step into their shop. Contact a friendly associate at Diagnostica for more details on the world’s first plug and play personal diagnostic tool for Harleys today. Share your shots in the comments below or tweet @DiagnosticaNews.


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Image Credits

Images 1-3 and descriptions: SlyFuzz

Image 4 and description: TejasJeff

Featured image, image 5 and 6 and description: Mike Lawless

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