The Low-down on the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool from The Kneeslider

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Paul Crowe shares his thoughts about the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson motorcycles as originally published in The Kneeslider.


It’s no secret, motorcycles, like every other kind of vehicle, are getting a lot more complex. The engine, the ABS braking system, those big touring bike sound systems and most everything else are all connected to and controlled by an onboard computer. Data constantly flows while the bike is cruising down the road or even when you simply turn the key on, but sometimes things aren’t right. Your check engine light comes on, something doesn’t work and you start thinking of a big repair bill at the dealer while a mechanic checks the trouble code and fixes what’s wrong, but what if you could check things out yourself?

What if you were fluent in “trouble code” and knew instantly what your Harley was trying to tell you and you could fix it yourself avoiding an unnecessary trip to the shop or, on the other hand, when something was serious enough that it needed immediate attention from your mechanic? What if you could be artificially intelligent, a diagnostic wizard? Well, now you can be with Motorscan, a plug in diagnostic adapter for most Harley Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 2001 to 2015.

Continue reading for more details on this advancement in personal diagnostic technology.

Pricing update: the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool is now only $199.99.



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