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AMA Member Discount Motorscan Smartphone Personal Diagnostic Tool Diagnostica

It is all too common to sign up to become a member and forget about the benefits. Don’t be one of those people to read the AMA magazine and fail to use some of the awesome benefits associated with being an AMA member. What should AMA members be doing with their membership?

Taking Full Advantage of the Benefits!

An AMA member has access to not only well-written and informative information in the American Motorcyclist magazine, but also gets special discounts on innovative and useful products and services.

Diagnostica is proud to not only have its Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson® recently reviewed on American Motorcyclist but to be able to offer a special AMA discount for members.

Read more about Thomas Garner’s experience with the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool by logging in on the AMA website and checking out the January 2018 issue or email Diagnostica for a copy of the review.

Get your exclusive AMA member discount on the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool when you scroll down to “Diagnostica” here.

Diagnostica Cares About You

Diagnostica is here to help you. Want to know if your Harley is a compatible model or have questions about what you can do with the award-winning wireless smartphone diagnostic tool? Check out our blog or email us directly for more details.


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