2018 Magazine Reviews: The Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson®

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2018 Magazine Reviews: The Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson® Diagnostica 

You want to make sure that you are buying a product that delivers on its promise. In addition to checking those online reviews, you can find out more about the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool easily before making your purchase.

Get your update of the latest reviews of the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool in 2018. Explore how this personal diagnostic tool can give Harley owners additional peace of mind and save them money on repairs today.

2018 Reviews from Magazines You Trust

Don’t just take our word on it. Tony Lisanti of Backroads Magazine wrote about our handy wireless adapter in their March 2018 issue. Lisanti shared:

“Enter the Motorscan CAN-Bus Smartphone Diagnostic Adapter. This device allows the user to easily read any of the Harley-Davidson error codes, which can help determine the nature of the problem. The Smartphone Diagnostics Adapter is a plug-in device that pairs via Bluetooth to a smartphone. The Smartphone app scans your bike’s systems and displays any trouble codes. The system allows you to search through all on-board systems and then scroll through the individual components of each. Simply click on a system with an error code and see the description and trouble codes. The app also allows you to save and clear the trouble codes. If the engine light comes on when far away from home, you can email the trouble code to your mechanic. The adapter will transmit and display the various operating parameters of each system live or on a virtual dashboard. Fascinating stuff.”

The review continues with how to get started and the types of on-board system information one would have access to with the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool. This walk through helps Harley owners understand what to expect from this useful adapter.

Die-hard Harley enthusiasts would not miss an issue of the American Motorcyclist. Thomas Garner shared his insights on the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool in the Member Tested section of the January 2018 issue. In addition to his personal experience of getting started, Garner shared the benefits of the tool, including:

  • The ease of installation;
  • The abundance of information displayed via the application;
  • How it can be left attached to the bike at all times; and
  • That it is a great diagnostic tool.

Garner mentioned that the tool would be an advantage for both the everyday rider and those who are looking for a more “in-depth diagnostic tool.”

Previous Testimonials of the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool

Since our launch of the product, reviews have continued to come in, making it easy to see the value of this popular device. No longer is it necessary to take a bike in to a Harley dealership when an odd code is thrown. Owners can get the additional information they need with a few swipes of their finger at home or on the road.

Carl B., Canada, email

“I am a red seal journeyman motorcycle mechanic with 15+ years of experience as a Harley-Davidson technician and technical instructor. I received one of these motorscan tools from KS2 technologies who distribute them in Canada. 

‘These tools work very well, especially given the small size of the interface unit. Using the tool really is as simple as it sounds, plug the module into the data port, turn the motorcycle on and ignition switch to run, and open the app on your smart phone or tablet. You will have access to trouble code info as well as live data from the modules on the motorcycle; ECM, BCM, LHCM, RHCM, ABS, Speedo, etc. Motorscan offers two versions of their diagnostic tool, 4 pin for J1850 models and 6 pin for HD LAN bikes. Both use bluetooth to connect to a tablet or smartphone running the app.

‘This tool is quite small and portable, and while not having all of the features of the Digital Technician laptop (not available outside the dealer network), it does offer the motorcycle owner or independent technician the opportunity to get diagnostic information from the motorcycle in an affordable package.”

Are you a Harley owner, have a small shop or motorcycling touring company? Then this small tool can provide you the insights you need when you cannot get access to a digital technician laptop. For more reviews and testimonials, check out Recent Verified User Reviews of the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for Harleys.

Know Your Ride with Diagnostica

Diagnostica appreciates all of those who have shared their Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic tool experiences. Tell us more about the benefits of this tool. Email news@diagnostica.tools or comment below.


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