New Diagnostic Tool Awarded AMD Hot 100 Parts and Accessories Recognition

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Read any motorcycle forum and quickly discover that your annoyance with a check engine light issue and underlying diagnostic codes is common for many riders. Not only do newer riders need to figure out what is causing the signal to appear, but need to find out what codes may be triggering the alert and what they may mean. Non-veteran riders need assistance when it comes to the first stages of diagnosing their bikes and should realize that there is an alternative to shelling out money to a dealership for a simple code diagnosis.

Diagnostica is proud to announce that the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson bikes has been featured as one of AMD’s Hot 100 Parts and Accessories. Dealerships and independent shop owners are becoming aware of the benefits of the Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for their customers. Learn more about this recognition and how this patent-pending product allows bike owners to read and diagnose their bike all by themselves via their smartphone.

AMD and Hot 100

American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) not only added details from Diagnostica’s recent press release in their May issue, but recognized the diagnostic tool as one of their Hot 100 Parts and Accessories. The AMD magazine is one of the leading trade journals in the motorcycle industry and is the only trade journal that addresses Harley-Davidson professionals in North America and Europe. Authorized and independent aftermarket motorcycle dealers and respective distributors and manufacturers can receive their print magazine free of charge. AMD began in 1993 as European Dealer News and has built up a first class reputation among readers. A mention in their ‘AMD Hot 100’ program means that the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool is viewed as one of the most innovative devices to be brought to the marketplace.

“Every year AMD Magazine features hundreds of product news items, from vendors all around the world,” according to Robin Bradley, editor-in-chief at AMD. “Most of them newly available to the V-twin market, or updates of existing designs. Our 'AMD Hot 100' program is designed to recognise and highlight selected items - those that we think are likely to be among the best, most interesting and most innovative of the year.”

AMD Hot 100 Parts & Accessories

Diagnostica is honored to have its 4-pin and 6-pin diagnostic tool and its wireless smartphone viewing capabilities featured as part of the May Issue. The feature is available here. The new tiny diagnostic device snugly fits into a diagnostic port to allow bike owners to easily check for multiple diagnostic codes and definitions, review system health and to save and send diagnostic reports from their smartphone. The patent-pending design of the Motorscan smartphone diagnostic tool provides riders with additional advantages including:

  • No cables.
  • No computer downloads.
  • No interference with fuel consumption or system performance.

This tool was envisioned to help Harley riders new and old bypass the tedious multi-step process to uncovering a single code behind a check engine light alert. In addition, owners of new or used bikes without a manual no longer have to purchase one from a dealership to get a list of diagnostic codes and what they mean. Now bike owners can get the details they need with a swipe of their finger and in a matter of seconds. Get the diagnostic details needed without paying $100 a pop to a dealership.

Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostic Tool for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Save Yourself Money and Stress

Diagnostica believes Harley riders deserve to save a little cash and diagnose their bike themselves without a hassle. We honor America’s veterans with a special discount. Connect with friendly Diagnostica representative at or via the contact form for more details on discounts and AMD’s Hot 100 Parts and Accessories recognition today.


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